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Schedule of  Events

Saturday, June 28 only - one intense Brass Bonanza!

An Epic Brass faculty member will play in every ensemble.
Register today to receive you music and start preparing.

8:30 Arrival and warm-up
9:00   Group lesson
10:00 Special presentation
10:45 Chamber music rehearsal
12:00 Lunch break
1:00   Chamber music rehearsal
2:00   EBQ Open rehearsal
3:00 Performance masterclass (videotaped for review)
  Tuba ensemble, trombone ensemble, horn ensemble, trumpet ensemble
5:00   Large brass ensemble rehearsal
6:30   Closing reception


Checking out the score (above)

Glorious trombone ensemble sounds (above)

Past master class topics (contact us for currently scheduled topics):

"How to sucessfully audition"
"Making the most of your rehearsal time"
"Selecting repertoire and successfully program"
"Making a recording: preparation, the session, editing, and manufacturing"
"Getting gigs: the business of chamber music!"
"Stage presence: It does matter!"
"Building endurance"
"Practice that pays off"
"Warming up: It's all in your head!"
"The art of arranging for brass"

(Epic Brass) "How to take an audition"
Learn effective methods for preparing and winning that important audition;
whether district, all-state, professional,
or a spot in a local performing organization.

(Osmun Music) "Choosing the right horn, mouthpiece, and mutes; plus new goodies!"
Brass specialists will access your instruments for efficiency and offer on-the-spot repair/modification
assessments and ideas that will make your horn serve you completely!
link to Osmun Music

(Robert King Music Co.) "Building your library: Newest brass literature and publications"
Hundreds of brass solo, ensemble publications to peruse, try out with your ensemble;
also important books about brass playing, brass players, and musicianship!
link to Robert King Music

Mark Emery's "Mute Lecture"

Matt Cain's Quintet (above)

More about the Institute

In a spirit of camaraderie with other brass players, feel your
confidence grow as you learn warm-up methods that facilitate

Technique masterclasses and group lessons will give you
a stronger foundation for playing everything from Baroque
and Classical to 20th century and jazz.  Participants who
do not come with a preexisting will be placed in a quartet/quintet 
which will explore appropriate level music and receive private
coaching from rotating members of the Epic Brass.  During
lunch make new friends with Institute musicians and discuss
the "brass shop talk" we all love.


Tuba ensemble performs at grand finale concert 2003 (above)

After lunch, pull up a chair next to an Epic Brass member
during an interactive EBQ open rehearsal where on the spot
questions are encouraged.  Discover important  differences
between reading, technical, and dress rehearsals.  Learn new
strategies that you can incorporate into your own practice sessions
to get the most out of your time on the horn. 

During the performance class, Institute quintets will perform
for each other and receive coaching from all five Epic Brass
members on ensemble, intonation, tone, rhythm, musicality,
stage presence, and how to communicate your art more effectively
to an audience.


Perform great brass ensemble literature
with members of the Epic Brass and your fellow Institute
participants in the Institute's large brass ensemble conducted by
Earl Raney, Institute director, and Music Director & Conductor of the
Great Woods Chamber Orchestra, Southeastern Massachusetts Wind Symphony,
and Atlantic Wind Symphony.

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