"... a tight and talented ensemble ... Very fresh."                          - Los Angeles Times, CA

"... an outstanding performance ... [the Vivaldi piece] demonstrated impeccable technical dexterity and brilliant tones.... The Susato and Mozart works were performed with a masterful blend and balance within very lyrical phrasing.... There seems to be no limit to the number of directions they can pursue. Whatever it is, they're sure to do it with virtuosity, versatility and verve."                                                            
                                                                                                             - Muskegon Chronicle, MI
 "The Epic Brass are first rate musicians who are as comfortable performing the music of Holborne and Bach as that of Vaughn Williams and Gershwin.... its members produce stunningly beautiful arrangements ... [they] are clearly excited about their music and it was wonderful to see them transmit that excitement to [children as well] with a perfect combination of repertoire choreography, humor and most importantly expert musicianship."
                                                                                     - Evening Observer, Fredonia, NY

"... an outstanding example of remarkable music making ... Concertgoers were treated to a rare and wonderful evening of great art, virtuosic performance and effective communication .... [the program] was very well paced, alternating between poignant musical] pearls and virtuosic bravura ... stellar ... exquisite ... intimate [performances]"  
                                                                                                     - Hastings Tribune, NE

"This Boston based group played everything from extremely fine baroque quintets to operatic transcriptions to Dixieland jazz.... this concert was for discerning music lovers of all ages.... Transcribing works for a brass quintet is a particular talent.... [Raney's arrangements] showed just how rich and full even a small ensemble can be."
                                                                                         - Post Bulletin, Rochester, MN

"Combining engaging personalities with professional musicianship, the Epic Brass proved there is hardly a composition or orchestration that cannot be transcribed for a brass ensemble.... and proved that brass can not only be bright and powerful, but can also sustain the long, melodious and flowing passages of Bach.... A standing ovation brought the Epic Brass back for a lovely nightcap."                                         
                                                                                                         - Beacon News, Paris, IL

"The Epic Brass ... gave a fabulous performance to a near capacity crowd ... The concert deserves high marks in several different categories: program selection, length, and difficulty .... People of all ages and backgrounds could enjoy the concert.... I have seen both the Empire Brass and the Canadian Brass live ... The Epic Brass is certainly in the category of those two quintets.... The Epic Brass has found that happy medium of playing hard selections while keeping the audience entertained."                

                                                                                           - The Vidette Messenger, Valpariso, IN

"It was as if some magic spell had been cast upon [the audience] ... [the quintet presented] a treasure-trove of music performed with artistic aplomb and [skillful dexterity] ... With the members of the group dispersed to the four corners of the room, they gave the best musical definition of antiphonal that one could imagine. The "Canzona" by Gabrieli . . . showered our ears with musical splendor."                                                
                                                                                                       - Charleston Daily Mail, WV

An opening segment of Baroque music showed a fine mastery of musical line ... [and] soaring technical display ... The quintet played with a lavish sound and polished rhythm.... nothing short of astonishing.... [the quintet] played [arrangements] of challenging virtuosity. It was played with panache."                                               
                                                                                               - The Charleston Gazette, WV

"Christmas concert was inspiring affair .... a wonderful evening of entertainment. The audience enjoyed a true smorgasbord of melodious delights .... It was a varied and dynamic repertoire to say the least."                                             
                                                                                                           - South Dade News Leader, FL

"Epic Brass showcases versatility ... [the concert] was a joy, from Bach ... to Sousa ... they love to make music ... fantastic . . ."                                                  
                                                                                               - Lincoln Star, NE

"Bright, bold and breezy with solid musicianship reinforced by a surefire technique and displayed with an infectious sense of fun, the Epic Brass Quintet has scored a direct hit
in the town of Falmouth. Following a whirlwind three days of workshops and lecture demonstrations, and concerts in [the] public schools, the young and personable virtuoso ensemble presented a lively, well attended family concert ... seemingly flawless precision."
                                                                                                             - Cape Cod Times, MA

"The group was technically flawless.... extremely talented..."         - Lake Placid News, NY

"It was a glorious, grand, exciting, entertaining, rafter ringing performance.... virtuosity as individuals, cohesiveness as an ensemble, and a refreshing skill as entertainers.... Had the audience had its was, the group would still be playing. 1, for one, would still be listening,
still be toe tapping, still be applauding  and still be enthralled."       - The Napa Register, CA

"...brilliant technique and versatile musicianship, and the sheer volume of their repertoire, much of it memorized, guaranteed everyone's favorite a hearing." 
                                                                                                                       - New Haven Register, CT

"a stunning performance with a program that spanned from the Renaissance to Bourbon Street and Broadway. . nothing short of virtuosic."                      
                                                                                                           - Cape Cod Times, MA

"... an excellent regard for ensemble and a fine mastery of their instruments .... Not only are their arrangements rich in imagination but the interpretation authoritative, the intonation impeccable .... Theirs is a wealth of color, virility of style and a red-blooded enthusiasm that never failed to arouse the approval of the enraptured audience."
                                                                                                         - The Newport Daily Express, VT

"All [members of the quintet] showed outstanding musicianship. Whether at the top of their instruments' range or at the very bottom, each note was distinct and perfectly enunciated. The tone quality was warm and bright and clean."     
                                                                                                       - The Post Journal, Jamestown, NY

"Very much at home in whatever style they happened to be performing in at a given time. In the case of the Albinoni, the group showed a real flair for the Baroque style. Each player is a virtuoso on his instrument, and each manifested flawless intonation qualities." 
                                                                                               - Worcester Telegram, MA

[Performance with symphony orchestra] ". . . a sparkling performance ... Their music covered a variety of styles ... [performed with] flash and panache . . ."
                                                                           - Times Record News, Wichita Falls, TX

"Epic Brass is a group of highly professional musicians, each a gifted soloist in his own right, but who know what 'ensemble' is all about, and who clearly convey a love of what they are doing. virtuosic ... breathtaking (playing) . . ."                            - The Alliance Review, OH

"The players have outstanding technique and showmanship; they are personable people who win over the audience with their enthusiastic musicianship.... they took reign and rocketed their music from the stage."                                          - Fitchburg Sentinel Enterprise, MA

"The fine playing and [their] sense of humor were a joy. A crisp, closely knit ensemble  with a fine balance and sensitive dynamic control."                                - Clinton Daily Item, MA


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