"[The Epic Brass] played everything from extremely fine baroque  quintets to
operatic transcriptions to Dixieland jazz.... this concert was for discerning music lovers of all ages.... Transcribing works for a brass quintet is a particular talent....
[Raney's arrangements] showed just how rich  and full even a small ensemble can be."

- Post Bulletin, Rochester, MN

Repertoire - Quintet Only

Repertoire with Symphony Orchestra

Repertoire with Organ

"The Epic Brass tore the place up . . . playing everything from Rimsky-Korsakov
to Khachaturian to Duke Ellington, and even Louis Prima . . .
With Raney as the genial ring-master, the Epic Brass . . .
weave exciting tapestries of blazing brass sounds . . ."

- Press and Sun Bulletin, Binghamton, NY

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