Follow Up Questions

1) Which instrument does not have valves?
The trombone.

2) Which instruments can play the highest notes?
The trumpet, and the French horn.

3) Which instruments can play the lowest notes?
The tuba and trombone.

4) Why does the French horn player put a hand in the bell
of the instrument?
It has become the traditional sound based on early horns that had no valves
and changed pitches by moving the hand in the bell and tightening and loosening
the lips.

5) Do instruments plated with silver sound different than those
plated with gold or a clear lacquer? In theory, yes, but practically speaking,
not really. The sound of the instrument is more dependent on the individual
player's concept of sound and ability.

6) Why do the trumpet players use so many different trumpets?
Each trumpet has a different tone and sound. Changing trumpets adds variety
and color to the overall sound of the group.   Plus, it's fun to watch!

7) Do women play brass instruments?
Of course, many professional and amateur musical organizations employ fine
female brass players. Men and women play the same instruments all over the world.

8) Are brass instruments more difficult to learn than instruments from the woodwind,
string, percussion, or keyboard family?
No, all instruments have their own special challenges, but with regular practice
one can learn to make music and enjoy playing in a group with others.

9) Is the human voice an instrument?
Yes, it is the first instrument and all other instrumentalists try to imitate the natural
beauty of the human voice.

10)  Is the saxophone a member of the brass family?
No, even though it is made of brass, the saxophone belongs to the woodwind family
because it uses a vibrating reed on the mouthpiece to produce sound. Brass players all
vibrate their lips into a cup shaped mouthpiece to create sound. This is called "buzzing".

BONUS QUESTION)  When is it too late to learn to play an instrument?
It is never too late to make music a part of your life.  Start today, start tomorrow,

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Can you name the brass instrument?

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