Our Philosophy

Poets and philosophers have always known that music has great power. Today science is proving it. News reports about the so-called "Mozart effect"- studies showing that listening to classical music improved I.Q.test scores -- clearly have captured the public's imagination. They have also caught the attention of educators and politicians. The Governor of Georgia has gone so far as to arrange with Sony
to distribute classical music to every newborn in that state.  In the words of our friend, Maestro John Covelli, "The more young people are exposed to music the more they will love it, not because it will raise their test scores (which, apparently it will!) - but because it will speak to that part of them which is most noble, majestic, joyous, and tender - what is most essentially human."

We believe the only thing more exciting than listening to great music is watching it being created in a live performance. A great impact is made on children when the Epic Brass visits their school - it's their home away from home and, in many ways,
it touches them more deeply than going to a concert hall.  We applaud organizations that work so hard to expose people to the arts while they're still young.  During a performance we may be stimulating the imagination of the next Mozart or Einstein.

Since 1983 the Epic Brass has brought this thrilling inspiration to over 1500 student audiences in 46 states and several countries around the world. "Many times on a return visit to a school we are told that after our last performance their band almost doubled in size! There was also definite growth in their orchestra and chorus," says Raney proudly.

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